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【2019.12.05】Visit from Mahidol University, Thailand

Visit from Mahidol University, Thailand

Date】December 5, 2019, 4:00pm

Organization】Mahidol University, Thailand


•      Asst. Prof. Jackrit Suthakorn, Dean of Faculty of Engineering

•      Assoc. Prof. Yodchanan Wongsawat, Vice Dean of Research and International Relations

•      Dr. Eakkachai Warinsiriruk, Head of Department of Industrial Engineering

•      Ms. Nantida Nilahoot, Researcher of Center for Biomedical and Robotics Technology




•      Prof. Wei-Chou Hsu, Dean, College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Electrical Engineering

•      Prof. Sheng-Fu Liang, Director, Institute of Medical Informatics



Last Updated: Oct 10, 2019


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