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Before Departure

Course Information

  • Department Requirements for Exchange Students (AY2022-2023) links【MUST-READ】

  • Courses Taught in English links 

    • Course Search Instructions 

      1. Courses previously offered at NCKU can be reviewed by selecting a semester of a certain year. 

      2. Please note that academic year 111 means AY2022 (while adding "1911" will take you to the AD year). 

      3. Semester 1 refers to the fall semester and semester 2 refers to the spring semester.

      4. One may narrow down the search using the various conditions available on the page. 

      5. Courses taught in English can be found with the "Courses Taught in English" button.

  • Guidelines for Credit Transfers between NCKU and Foreign Higher Education Institutions for Exchange Students links
  • NCKU Notice of Course Enrollment for the Spring Semester of 2023 links (中文版 links)

  • NCKU Course Information and Enrollment System links



  • On-Campus Accommodation Application Calendar for Incoming International Exchange Students of 2023 Spring Semestelinks 10 AM, December 07, 2022 – 10 AM, Taiwan Time, January 04, 2023



  • Basic Data Entry for New Students links(Needs to be completed prior to course enrollment)



Other Information

  • NCKU Academic Calendar links
  • Cost of Living in Tainan links



Foreign students are required to purchase medical and injury insurance in your home country covering the entire duration of exchange period in Taiwan.  The medical and injury insurance document must be authenticated by Taiwan Embassies or Taipei Economic and Cultural Office and valid for your exchange period.  Please note that you will need to take full financial responsibility for any medical procedures during your stay in Taiwan. 


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